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Verity Sharp presents Hungary's Gypsy Cimbalom Band, Hesperion XX play Antonio de Cabezon and a baroque-themed collaboration session from Liam Byrne and Martin Parker.

Verity Sharp's selection includes a track from Cape Verdean singer Ze Luis's new album Serenata, breathtaking playing from Hungary's Gypsy Cimbalom Band; both Jackie Oates and Harry Cox sing about fishes and Hesperion XX play music by Antonio de Cabezón. Plus the latest Late Junction collaboration session, celebrating Radio 3's Baroque Spring season and pairing viola da gamba player Liam Byrne with Edinburgh-based sound artist Martin Parker.

1 hour, 30 minutes

Music Played

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  • Gillian Welch

    Paper Wings

    • REVIVAL.
    • ALMO.
    • AMSD-80006.
  • Bob Brozman & Rene Lacaille

    Zi Bi Pi Blues

    • DIGDIG.
    • TUGCD-1025.
  • Zé Luis

    Ku Nha Kin Berm

    • Serenata.
    • Lusafrica.
    • 662302.
  • Geomungo Factory

    To A Free Bird (Fly to the Sky)

    • Metamorphosis.
    • Dada Media.
    • DDCJ-122C.
  • Jason Steele

    Jessica's Fingertip

    • The Weight of Care.
    • Rif Mountain Records.
    • RM-018CD.
  • Antonio de Cabezón

    Pange lingua IV

    Performer: Hespèrion XXI.
    • Introitus.
    • HMV Classics.
    • HMV 5734602.
  • Buda Folk Band

    Kurucz Mahala

    • The Rough Guide to the music of Hungary.
    • World Music Network.
    • RGNET1283CD.
  • Gypsy Cimbalom Band

    Keserédes Káve

    • The Rough Guide to the music of Hungary.
    • World Music Network.
    • RGNET1283CD.
  • Hedy West

    The Little Carpenter

    • Hedy West/Volume 2.
    • Vanguard Masters.
    • VCD79124.
  • François Couperin

    Les Baricades Misterieuses

    Performer: John Kitchen.
    • Music from the age of Louis XV.
    • DCD34112.
  • Late Junction Session

    • Liam Byrne & Martin Parker

      Almain - suspending Byrne playing Ferrabosco

    • Liam Byrne & Martin Parker

      Les Voix Humaines - worldizing Byrne playing Marais

    • Liam Byrne & Martin Parker

      Vivace - sustaining Byrne playing Abel

  • Achille & Trio Paris

    Fille Vigneronne - Plume au vent - A la pointe du jour

    • Le Pommier Doux.
    • Modal.
    • MPJ-111016.
  • Fred Pellerin & Nicolas Pellerin


    • Fred et Nicolas.
    • Tempte.
    • TEM2 3482.
  • Our Northern Branch

    She Wants a Fellow - Thomas Birketts

    • Our Northern Branch.
  • Harry Cox

    The Crabfish

    • The Voice of the People: Good people, take warning.
    • Topic.
    • TSCD 673T.
  • Jackie Oates

    Little Fishes - The Rainy Day Fisherman

    • Lullabies.
    • ECC.
    • ECC009.
  • Lubomyr Melnyk & Peter Broderick

    A Warmer Place

    • Corollaries.
    • Erased Tapes.
    • eratp048.


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