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Justine Greening; Bridget Christie and feminist comedy; Oral history

International development secretary Justine Greening discusses funding projects to face violence against women and educate girls, and Jenni Murray meets comedian Bridget Christie.

International development secretary Justine Greening discusses funding projects to tackle violence against women and educate girls; Viv Groskop reports from a What the Frock comedy evening in Bristol and Jenni Murray meets the host of a new Radio 4 comedy series Bridget Christie Minds the Gap. Curator Polly Russell and Professor Sally Alexander discuss Sisterhood and After: a new oral history of the UK Women's Liberation Movement.

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58 minutes


  • Glasgow student's debate

    Student Rebecca Meredith talking about being a woman on the debating circuit.

    Duration: 06:36

  • Feminism phone-in feedback

    Your views after Monday's phone-in on feminism

    Duration: 02:23

  • Oral history: voices from the Women’s Liberation movement

    Discussing a new oral history with curator Polly Russell & Professor Sally Alexander

    Duration: 11:32

  • Rt Hon Justine Greening MP

    Discussing funding projects to tackle violence against women and educate girls.

    Duration: 10:18

  • Feminist Comedy

    Jenni meets the host of a new Radio 4 comedy series, Bridget Christie.

    Duration: 11:14

Glasgow student's debate

"Get that woman out (of) my union" these were the words allegedly hurled at student Rebecca Meredith as she debated in the grand final at Glasgow University over the weekend. Rebecca Meredith and Marlena Valles, the only two women finalists, say they were booed and heckled ‘shame’ and ‘woman’ and remarks were made of their physical appearance and clothing. Does this kind of behaviour put off female debaters?  Jenni speaks to politics student Rebecca Meredith.

Oral history: voices from the Women’s Liberation movement

What can over 350 hours of feminists talking about their lives tell us? Woman’s Hour will be hearing from the curator of Sisterhood and After: an oral history of the Women’s Liberation Movement. How did she choose sixty individuals to represent the women’s movement and what do their life stories tell us about feminism and its impact?

 From the Woman’s Hour archive, take a look at our own women’s history timeline or explore programmes that explore feminist theory and its impact on the world.

Rt Hon Justine Greening MP

‘The greatest unmet challenge of our time’. That’s how International Development Secretary Justine Greening MP has described her latest plan to give women and girls greater choice, voice and control in their lives. Justine will tell Jenni how UK aid will be used to support women and girls across the world to reduce the violence against them and improve their education, their health and wealth.

Keynote speech 4th March setting out how UK Aid will support girls and women’s rights.


Feminist comedy

Last year the stand-up comedian Bridget Christie noticed that misogyny, like shiny leggings, had made an unexpected comeback.  But did it ever really go away? She joins Jenni to explain how an incident involving a man, a smell and a well-known bookstore made her ask what place feminism has in modern Britain and led to her new four part series on Radio 4. We also hear from Viv Groskop, who has been along to speak to the audience and to perform herself at What the Frock!?  a women’s comedy night in Bristol.

Bridget Christie Minds the Gap starts on Radio 4 on 7 March, 11pm.

Bristol Women’s Literature Festival


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