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Morrisons boss, dementia care and secret cigarettes

Museums which show how we used to live are helping people with dementia. How and why? Plus the secret trade in cigarettes, and how Morrisons' boss aims to boost profits.

After a disappointing year for Morrisons, the supermarket chain's boss tells us how he aims to turn things around. Dalton Philips says many more convenience stores are part of the plan and offers an insight into the profitability of online grocery shopping.

There's a secret trade in under-the-counter cigarettes. We're out on the high street with the people trying to stop it.

Museums which show how we used to live are helping people with dementia. We report on the special memory sessions for care home residents using objects from days gone by.

And as Debrett's says it's now ok to serve takeaway food at a dinner party, have you deceived a diner? Celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson's on with his views.

Presenter: Julian Worricker
Producer: Jon Douglas.

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55 minutes


  • Demolished Homes

    Why are so many homes facing demolition despite a government scheme to stop it?

    Duration: 07:06

  • Morrisons’ Boss

    Supermarket’s boss, Dalton Philips, tells us why he believes the business has struggled.

    Duration: 07:38

  • Take away food

    Debretts say it's ok to serve take away food to guests, as long as it's on china plates.

    Duration: 03:56

  • Memory Lane

    How ‘living’ museums are helping people with dementia.

    Duration: 07:57

  • High Street Highlights

    The high streets and retail businesses doing well in a downturn.

    Duration: 09:52

  • Advertising Impact

    How low budget, big impact videos are transforming the shape of our advertising industry.

    Duration: 04:59

  • Fake Cigarettes

    The secret trade in under-the-counter tobacco.

    Duration: 11:08


  • Mon 4 Mar 2013 12:00
  • Mon 4 Mar 2013 12:04

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