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Don Valley Stadium, local TV, retail report critical of government

The Don Valley Stadium, England's largest athletics facility, is to close. Plus Britain's retail bosses brand Portas a missed opportunity, and will local TV work? With Peter White.

The Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield is to close. The city's council say they can't afford to keep England's largest athletics facility open meanwhile Sport's Minister Hugh Robertson says it's sad but insists the Olympic legacy remains intact.Local TV will launch this summer but will it be any more successful than previous attempts to offer a more localised service.The health needs of the homeless costs more per capita than any other group of people; what can be done to offer more effective treatment for Britain's rising population of homeless people.Boardgames are making a comeback. It is not only old favourites but also new games invented by people raised on video games and web apps that are setting the tills ringing. A new map of England is being constructed to include hundreds of data sets in one interactive map. The Royal Town Planning Institute say it will be invaluable for planners and the public alike as they look to future development of their communities.Magazines are in decline; we hear from two editors about why and what can be done to boost the sector.Top athlete Colin Jackson reflects on his glory days at the now doomed Don Valley stadium and what it means for athletics in England and the Olympic legacy.Comedian Mark Watson's red nose day comedy marathon.Britain's top retail bosses brand the Portas Towns project as a missed opportunity and demand more focus on reducing bureaucracy and business charges as key to the revival of retail and the high street.

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  • Don Valley Stadium

    The closure of the Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield will be confirmed by councillors

    Duration: 08:15

  • Local TV Stations

    Local TV stations will be launched across the UK – but will anyone watch?

    Duration: 07:51

  • Homeless Health

    The UK’s first international conference on homeless health.

    Duration: 07:12

  • Board Games

    Sales of a new generation of traditional board games are growing.

    Duration: 06:09

  • Mark Watson - Comic Relief

    Comic Mark Watson is doing a 25 hour non-stop comedy improvisation show for Comic Relief.

    Duration: 03:43

  • Don Valley - Colin Jackson

    Former Great Britain Olympic athlete Colin Jackson is disappointed at the decision.

    Duration: 02:52

  • Magazines

    Consumer Magazine Sales figures.

    Duration: 05:43

  • Map of Britain

    A Map of Britain to help communities and planners understand their locale better.

    Duration: 04:27

  • High Street Survey

    Britain’s top retail bosses criticise government’s high street policy in new report.

    Duration: 09:01


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