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Claire Foy, Dinos Chapman and The Bay

John Wilson talks to Claire Foy about playing Lady Macbeth, and to artist Dinos Chapman about his debut album; a review of eco-horror film The Bay; the comedy of Beppe Grillo.

With John Wilson.

Claire Foy stars with James McAvoy in a new production of Macbeth, set in a post-apocalyptic Scotland riven with war and climate disaster. She reflects on the challenges of bringing something new to the role of Lady Macbeth.

Artist Dinos Chapman discusses his latest project - an album of electronic dance music named after a Norwegian chocolate bar, Luftbobler. Dinos explains why Kylie Minogue has made a guest appearance without her knowledge and why he may form a musical duo with his brother Jake.

The Bay is an eco-horror film, loosely based on actual events, about mutant parasites that attack fish and humans alike in the waters off a holiday resort. Critic Ryan Gilbey delivers his verdict

Comedian Beppe Grillo and his Five Star Movement have made an unexpected impact on the Italian elections. Correspondent Annalisa Piras discusses Grillo's brand of comedy.

Producer Stephen Hughes.

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  • The Bay

    A review of The Bay

    Duration: 05:28

  • Claire Foy

    An interview with actress Claire Foy

    Duration: 08:24

  • Beppe Grillo

    A report from Italy on Beppe Grillo

    Duration: 04:50

  • Dinos Chapman

    An interview with Dinos Chapman

    Duration: 08:54

Main picture shows Claire Foy as Lady Macbeth, Trafalgar Studios, Photo credit: Johan Persson


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