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Scams, ski slopes and nuisance calls

Should you pay to prevent nuisance phone calls when a free service is available? Mencap's new bond allowing investors to help people with learning difficulties. With Peter White.

The UK tourism industry is fighting to have the rate of VAT it pays reduced - we hear from Ireland and Switzerland to find out what difference the reduced rates paid there makes in attracting holiday-makers.
A chance to invest in a new financial scheme that would help people with learning difficulties looking to live in their own homes.
Why British tour companies will no longer be allowed to employ ski hosts to take customers round French resorts.
Where and on what we'll be watching our TV programmes in future..
And with a free nuisance call-blocking service available - does it make sense to pay for private companies offering something similar?
Presenter: Peter White
Producer: Geoff Bird.

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55 minutes


  • Big Firms Defrauded

    Criminals who impersonated big companies to rob other big companies get heavy sentences.

    Duration: 11:39

  • Ski Host Ban

    Why British holiday companies banned from offering a ski-hosting service in France.

    Duration: 06:28

  • Hospital Food

    Report bemoans money wasted trying and failing to improve hospital food.

    Duration: 04:15

  • Future media

    Iplayer announces 40 hours of BBC material to premiere there first.

    Duration: 04:33

  • Mencap Bond

    Mencap says a new financial Bond will help house people with learning difficulties.

    Duration: 06:41

  • Supermarket GP’s

    Sainsbury’s moves to expand its GP-in-supermarket programme.

    Duration: 04:27

  • Tourism Tax

    Ireland and Switzerland extend reduced VAT period – what difference has it made?

    Duration: 07:12

  • Nuisance calls

    Stopping nuisance calls – to pay or not to pay?

    Duration: 09:14

Investment Bonds

Investment Bonds
The charity Mencap is launching a retail bond - we hear from Margaret and Sarah.


  • Fri 22 Feb 2013 12:00
  • Fri 22 Feb 2013 12:04

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