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Women in India

Anita Anand has visited Delhi and Jaipur for this special edition hearing from student activists, authors and campaigners two months after the Delhi bus gang rape.

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  • The role of campaigning women

    The role of the the protest groups after the bus attack

    Duration: 06:41

  • Political response to the bus attack

    The review of the rape laws

    Duration: 16:45

  • Cultural depictions of women in India

    The impact on women of Bollywood films

    Duration: 14:12

  • Rural life in India

    An experience of life in Bihar

    Duration: 04:54

Are women in India at a watershed moment?

Anita Anand presents a special programme on the role of women in India. She talks to Bollywood stars including Shabana Azmi and Sharmila Tagore, students, writers and campaigners about the pressures that women face, and the recent attempts to redress their status, following the brutal rape and murder of a young woman on a bus in Delhi.  She is joined in the studio by Dr Ranjana Kumari, President of Women Power Connect, the largest coalition of women's organisations in India, Mallika Dutt, Founder and President of Breakthrough, a charity which campaigns for global human rights, and Rupa Jha, presenter of BBC Hindi's 'Global India'.  


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The role of campaigning women

India has a wide range of women’s movements ranging from Apne Aap Women Worldwide to The We Can End All Violence Against Women campaign to more recent movements like Slutwalk and the Pink Chuddi campaign. Have these groups helped to foster the street protests that have took place after the bus attack?

Political response to the bus attack

The government set up the Verma committee to review rape laws, after the bus attack. Many were surprised by the breadth and scale of the committee’s recommendations but what genuine chance will they have of becoming law?

Cultural depictions of women in India

Bollywood films are often sexist in their treatment of women. Does this reflect India’s general treatment of women or endorse sexist attitudes?

Women in rural India

Experience of life in rural Bihar.


  • Wed 20 Feb 2013 10:00

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