The day's news, with Philippa Thomas.

South African Olympic hero Oscar Pistorius - The Bladerunner - is facing a murder charge after his girlfriend is shot dead at his home in Pretoria. We'll find out how South Africans are coming to terms with the news about one of their biggest cultural icons.

Plus - more terrible economic figures from the Eurozone, which has seen the worst slowdown for 4 years. But experts tell us there is better news on the way. So what's the true state of the European economy ? We'll try to find out.

The gang rape and murder of a 23 year old woman in Delhi outraged India and the world. But are
attitudes changing ? We have a powerful interview with another rape victim.

Also tonight - a teenage boy is shot dead in Bahrain on the 2nd anniversary of the uprising. We'll hear what happened - and ask the Justice Minister if talks with the opposition about the country's future can really continue.

and a huge asteroid will miss the earth tomorrow by 21,000 miles. That actually means it will come quite close. Should you be worried ? We'll ask one of Britain's leading space scientists, Professor Monica Grady.

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