Episode 2

In Search of the British Dream travels from the cramped sitting rooms of poor illegal migrants to the plush London homes of the global elite, including a Saudi princess and the son of a Russian billionaire.

There are now 7.5 million foreign-born people in the UK. Almost three million have come in the last 10 years. One in eight people in England and Wales were born abroad - the same ratio as in the land built on immigration, the United States.

But do we have a defined "British Dream" -- a road map for how to integrate?

In part two of the series, Mukul Devichand asks newcomers sometimes difficult questions about fitting in. Do people chose to remain apart, or is Britain an easy place to make local friends? Is there still racism on British streets? Are people able to just be themselves -- and should they be?

Mukul Devichand was born in a Welsh town as the son of Indian migrants and has explored migration issues around the world for the BBC.

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