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Just Two People with a Kid

Episode 4 of 7

Comedy series about two teenagers coming to terms with parenthood. Mike organises Jamie's 18th and Keith takes a New Age-influenced 'back to work' course.

Jamie is turning 18 and Mike has taken over organising the party. His main mission is to source some high quality, mind-altering substances. He decides to go organic and get hold of some mushrooms. Beth comes on the hunt and steers him towards a harmless non-psychedelic type.

Laura is torn between going to a 'real' party with Danielle or showing up at Jamie's 18th. In the end, she decides to give Jamie a chance. But when she turns up and finds him apparently on drugs with his mates, she's furious.

Keith has been forced to take a New Age-influenced 'back to work' course. He goes on an accelerated journey of self-discovery. He's getting fitter and closer to the eternal truths of the universe, but he's no closer to getting a job.

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Role Contributor
Jamie Prince Sean Verey
Laura Derbyshire Scarlett Alice Johnson
Mike Fenton Dylan Edwards
Beth Mitchell Yasmin Paige
Keith Prince Ben Crompton
Sandra Prince Bronagh Gallagher
Alan Derbyshire Angus Deayton
Director Ben Gosling Fuller
Writer Chris Reddy
Executive Producer Lucy Robinson
Producer Catherine Gosling Fuller
Executive Producer Mark Freeland
Danielle Reeves Emer Kenny
Hannah Zina Badran
Job+itive Instructor Elizabeth Bower
Nikki Sarah Champion
Pub Landlord Simon Macallum
Leanne Katie Males


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Mike's on Twitter!

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