Iron Bridge, self-destructing emails and the rise of keg beer

Peter White on why Ironbridge Museum has been judged a world-beater, how keg beer is winning over ale fans, and how Chinese money is rescuing the London Black Cab.

The London Taxi company has been saved by Chinese money but does the cab have a future anymore now competitors have moved in. A UNESCO poll of world heritage sites says Ironbridge in Shropshire is a better day out than the pyramids or the Taj Mahal. The nationwide van hire man told he could go to jail if he hangs on to customers' deposits. Former Energy Minister Charles Hendry has joined a charity campaigning against fuel poverty. The email that guarantees you won't receive spam when you buy online. How real ale fans are learning to love keg beer. Linda McCartney, the vegetarian convenience food range, gets a make-over. Internet TV is costly and complicated but research shows people who buy tend to mostly watch movies on services they can get on their regular sets.

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55 minutes


  • Black cabs

    Future of the London Taxi Company announced today.

    Duration: 08:16

  • Craft beer

    Real ale is enjoying a boom despite falling beer sales.

    Duration: 10:10

  • Disposable emails

    The email that’ll guarantee you’ll never be bothered by spam again.

    Duration: 07:00

  • Ironbridge award

    Ironbridge better than the Pyramids!

    Duration: 04:46

  • Internet TV

    Internet-enabled television – what is it good for?

    Duration: 04:14

  • Charles Hendry interview

    Former Energy Minister takes up post defending the fuel poor

    Duration: 04:01

  • Workplace deliveries

    Listeners' react to yesterday's piece on having online shopping delivered to work.

    Duration: 02:14

  • A1 Van Hire update

    The nationwide van hire man told he could go to jail if he hangs on to customers’ deposits

    Duration: 03:36

  • Linda McCartney

    The McCartney vegetarian brand re-launched - is vegetarianism cool again?

    Duration: 06:54


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