Funding sexual health; veteran campaigners

What will be the effect of changes to funding of contraceptive and sexual health services? Simon Blake, Chief Executive of Brook says it will cost more in the long term. Veteran campaigners Yvonne Craig Inskip and Ann Rossiter tell us about the role it's had in their lives and why they're taking part in arts event Silver Action at the Tate Modern. And as part of our co-parenting series of features, listeners tell us what it was like to have a home at both their mother's and their father's. We join a girls night out in Melbourne and a clandestine cake club in a secret location!
Presenter Jenni Murray
Producer Dianne McGregor.

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Thu 31 Jan 2013 10:00

Cuts To Contraceptive And Sexual Health Services

Cuts to contraceptive and sexual health services as part of NHS efficiency savings could backfire and cost more than they save. A report called Unprotected Nation commissioned by the UK’s leading sexual health charities, Brook and the Family Planning Association, reveals that as a result of austerity measures the UK faces costs to the NHS and welfare of £136.7 billion by 2020, as well as a significant rise in abortion and sexually transmitted infections. Jenni is joined by Simon Blake, Chief Executive of Brook to discuss the campaign We Can’t Go Backwards, which is fighting the cuts.

Veteran Campaigners

On Sunday hundreds of women activists over the age of 60 will take part in an event at London’s Tate Modern called Silver Action. The women have all taken part in significant campaigns from the 1950s to the present day and they will come together to share their experiences and discuss their achievements. It’s the idea of artist Suzanne Lacey, and a key aim is to highlight women’s contribution to the public agenda. Jenni speaks to two of the veteran campaigners who will be taking part - Yvonne Craig Inskip and Ann Rossiter.

Shared Parenting

Separated parents are to gain the legal right to be involved with the upbringing of their children under proposed changes to current legislation, unless it can be shown that there is risk of harm to the child. Woman’s Hour is looking at different aspects of shared parenting after a split. We have heard from parents who have had to negotiate the practicalities of parenting after a split.  Today we look at the child’s view of co-parenting. Jenni is joined in the studio by two listeners who talk about what it was like for them as children to be on the receiving end- did co-parenting work for them?

Clandestine Cake Club

There’s not much sign of economic revival on the horizon - so, if this is the austerity decade how willing are we to make do and mend. Very, if the rise in the sales of home baking supplies and membership of baking clubs is anything to go by. One group that’s been holding monthly meetings is the Clandestine Cake Club. It was started by a retired Yorkshirewoman, Lynn Hill, in 2010 and next month will see the publication of a book of favourite recipes. But why is the club so called and why keep it a secret? Jennifer Chevalier investigates.

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