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Misogyny in comedy, domestic violence in China, Make Me a Muslim

Jenni Murray talks to Shanna Bukhari, who has interviewed British women converting to Islam for BBC Three's Make Me a Muslim. Tania Branigan reports on domestic violence in China.

Shanna Bukhari has interviewed UK women converting to Islam for BBC 3's "Make Me a Muslim". Tania Branigan reports on domestic violence in China. Jongleurs founder Maria Kempinska debates misogyny in comedy with Michael J Dolan. Counsellor Paula Hall discusses sex addiction. What prompts women into campaigning - Jenni Murray is joined by Linda Green author of " The Mummyfesto", Tamsin Omond and Sarah Evans.

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  • Make Me A Muslim

    Shanna Bukhari on female converts to Islam & Inaya of Lancashire on being a Muslim convert

    Duration: 08:02

  • Domestic Violence Case In China

    Guardian China Correspondent Tania Branigan on the Chinese woman sentenced to death

    Duration: 04:46

  • Sex Addiction

    Paula Hall and Phillip Hodson discuss

    Duration: 09:57

  • Women And Campaigning

    A 63 year old female newcomer to activism, campaigner Tamsin Omond, and author Linda Green

    Duration: 09:23

  • Misogyny In Comedy

    Comedian Michael J Dolan, and Maria Kempinska, founder of Jongleurs Comedy

    Duration: 08:52

Make Me A Muslim

More than 5000 people converted to Islam in the UK last year and three quarters of these were women. Jenni speaks to Shanna Bukhari, a 26 year old self-proclaimed “Modern British Muslim” who once entered the Miss Universe pageant.  Tonight she presents a documentary for BBC Three in which she  sets out to discover why female converts to Islam are forgoing their freedom to party, drink, and dress as they please.  And Jenni also speaks to Inaya from Lancashire about why as a devout Muslim convert living in a remote Northern town she says her chances of finding a husband are slim.

Domestic Violence Case In China

Chinese woman Li Yan has been sentenced to death for murdering her husband after years of domestic violence. Campaigners have called for her sentence to be overturned as she suffered years of abuse and was not helped by the authorities. The Guardian’s China Correspondent Tania Branigan tells Jenny the latest on the case.



Sex Addiction

There is a lack of help and support available for the partners of sex addicts, according to one listener who contacted us about this “hidden and humiliating issue.” However the idea that you can have an addiction to sex isn’t widely accepted, so is it a real addiction and should it be taken more seriously? Jenni talks to Paula Hall, Chair of the Association for the Treatment of Sex Addiction and Compulsivity and author of Understanding And Treating Sex Addiction, and to Phillip Hodson, a Fellow of the British Association of Counselling.

Women And Campaigning

What is it that prompts women to get involved in campaigning? Jenni talks to a 63 year old woman who has just started on a new path of environmental activism, to Tamsin Omond - a veteran of many campaigns for environmental causes and animal rights, and to author Linda Green, who has written a novel about a group of women who decide to launch their own political party to take direct action over the issues that affect their lives.

Misogyny In Comedy

Jokes about domestic violence and rape are said to have become commonplace on the comedy circuit in recent years. The comedian Michael J Dolan has recently written an article in which he takes himself to task for writing misogynistic jokes. So is misogyny in comedy on the increase? Should any subjects be off limits? And how are comedy club acts selected and policed? Michael joins Jenni, along with Maria Kempinska, the founder and Creative Director of Jongleurs Comedy, to discuss the issues of what is and isn’t acceptable in comedy.


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