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HMV, Salt in Food, Winter Tyres

DJ Craig Charles asks if we have fallen out of love with music shops. How did Hilco transform HMV in Canada? And targets for reducing salt in food have not been met.

DJ and actor Craig Charles asks if we've fallen out of love with music shops, and we look at how Hilco - the firm that's taken control of HMV in the UK - changed the fortunes of HMV Canada in 2009.

Industry targets for reducing salt levels in food haven't been met, so companies are being given more time.

And winter tyres are commonplace in other parts of Europe. Caz Graham finds out how they work we ask if UK drivers are slow on the uptake.

Presenter: Peter White
Producer: Joel Moors.

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55 minutes


  • Bank Accounts

    The Office of Fair Trading wants banks to improve the way they run their current accounts.

    Duration: 07:50

  • Winter Tyres

    What are the costs and benefits of using winter tyres on your car?

    Duration: 06:35

  • Administration

    Who exactly are the administrators who step in to troubled companies?

    Duration: 05:31

  • Music shops with Craig Charles

    Craig Charles looks at whether people are falling out of love with music shops.

    Duration: 05:50

  • HMV Canada

    The firm trying to take control of HMV also took over its stores in Canada. What changed?

    Duration: 06:47

  • Salt

    Industry targets to reduce salt in food products have been put back by 12 months.

    Duration: 04:58

  • Do you need deodorant?

    One in fifty of us don’t smell according to scientists. Why do we buy deodorants?

    Duration: 06:28

  • Replica Tourism

    King Tutankhamun's tomb could soon be replaced by a replica. Where else are they used?

    Duration: 09:07


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  • Fri 25 Jan 2013 12:04

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