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Car theft, zip wires, water, and art as investment

Consumer news. How secure is your car? Winifred Robinson investigates how criminals are stealing vehicles without the key, and what can be done to stop it.

Radio 4's consumer affairs programme with Winifred Robinson. How secure is your car? We've investigated how criminals are managing to steal vehicles without the key and we'll hear what can be done to stop it. Why water companies want to hear your views on how they should spend their money. Why plans for a zip wire in the Lake District has caused a row - Chris Bonnington, the adventurer will be telling us his views on how the countryside should be used. And cinema audiences have been reacting to Les Miserables by bursting into applause after songs and at the credits. Is the cinema experience becoming more...theatrical?

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55 minutes


  • Car key cloning

    Stealing cars with cloned car keys is far more widespread than thought.

    Duration: 09:26

  • Water Investment

    Asking customer views on water investment so they can set prices for the next five years.

    Duration: 06:41

  • Investing in art

    Is investing in art a good way to protect your money?

    Duration: 10:30

  • Viewing your neighbours energy bills.

    The Policy Exchange would like us to see our neighbours' energy bills

    Duration: 03:55

  • Visit Britain post 1212 Games

    Global perceptions of Britain have significantly improved since the 2012 Games

    Duration: 04:59

  • Work Capability Assessment

    MPs debate the controversial Work Capability Assessment.

    Duration: 05:43

  • Cinema Applause.

    At the end of the film Les Miserables people have been applauding.

    Duration: 04:34

  • Zip Wire

    Sir Chris Bonington has resigned from the Friends of the Lake District

    Duration: 09:39


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