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Teaching children empathy; No Sex Affairs; Bernadine Bishop

Jenni Murray looks at teaching children empathy, and asks whether emotional infidelity is an affair. Plus, food writer Bee Wilson traces the history of the measuring cup.

Jenni Murray looks at how you teach children empathy with Nikkola Daniel and debates whether you can have a no sex affair with writers Lucy Cavendish and Paula Hall. Author Bernadine Bishop discusses facing death, food writer Bee Wilson on the history of the measuring cup and MP Jane Ellison tells us the current status of Keir Starmer's action plan to improve prosecutions on female genital mutilation in the UK.

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  • Female Genital Mutilation

    Are we doing enough to stop female genital mutilation in Britain?

    Duration: 09:38

  • Teaching Compassion and Empathy to Children.

    Can we teach care and compassion to children? Jenni speaks to 2 experts in the field.

    Duration: 07:44

  • Consider the Fork - Measures

    Bee Wilson wonders why Americans use the cup for baking measurements.

    Duration: 07:00

  • Bernadine Bishop

    Cancer forced her to retire & to her surprise she returned to her first love, fiction.

    Duration: 09:08

  • The No Sex Affair

    Is it possible to have an affair that doesn’t involve physical contact?

    Duration: 07:49

Teaching Compassion and Empathy to Children

Are children naturally empathetic? Can you teach care and compassion?  Jenni speaks to Nikkola Daniel, an education consultant who works in schools, teaching social and emotional literacy and Elizabeth Hartley Brewer, author of a number of parenting books and child development expert.

Female Genital Mutilation

To date not a single prosecution for Female Genital Mutilation has been brought in this country. Last November the Crown Prosecution Service launched a ten point action plan aimed at bringing about more prosecutions and this week, MPs, leading agencies and experts are meeting to explore what more can be done. Jenni talks to MP Jane Ellison who chairs the all party parliamentary group on FGM, and leading campaigner Efua Dorkenoo of Equality Now.

Foward UK

World Health Organisation: Female Genital Mutilation

Bernadine Bishop

There are 50 years between Bernadine Bishop's first two novels, published in the early 1960s, and her next novel, Unexpected Lessons in Love. The main character is Cecilia Banks - like Bernadine, she was a psychotherapist who had to retire because of cancer. Central to the novel is the friendship between Cecilia and a novelist, Helen who meet because of cancer.

Consider the Fork: Measures

In her new book 'Consider the Fork', Bee Wilson looks at the history of innovation in the kitchen, including the different ways we use measuring tools to replicate our recipes. Catherine Carr went to visit her at home, where she tried her hand at a recipe for an autumnal American treat.

No Sex Affairs

Is it possible to have an affair that doesn’t involve physical contact? Following an email from a listener describing her unhappiness at her husband's "no sex" internet affair, Jenni asks Relate relationship psychotherapist Paula Hall what damage emotional infidelity can cause, and speaks to journalist Lucy Cavendish, who admits to having had several "no sex" affairs.



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