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Episode 3

The actor-cum-sleuth hopes to prove Hugo did not murder his wife, but all the signs are pointing towards his guilt. Stars Bill Nighy. From December 2012.

by Jeremy Front
Based on the novel by Simon Brett.
Charles wants to prove that his old friend Hugo didn't kill his wife, but all the signs are pointing to Hugo's guilt.

Charles ..... Bill Nighy
Frances ..... Suzanne Burden
Joan ..... Geraldine McEwan
Maurice ..... Jon Glover
Hugo ..... Paul Ritter
Holly ..... Susie Ridell
Detective ..... Don Gilet
Paramedic ...... Joe Sims

Director ...... Sally Avens

Bill Nighy is back as Charles Paris, actor, alcoholic and amateur sleuth. Charles is once again out of work an event that is made worse by the fact that his mother (played by Geraldine McEwen) has come to stay whilst recovering from an operation; and Frances thinks she may be secret tippler - so it might be a good job if Charles laid off the booze in the run up to Christmas.
So when he bumps into old friend, Hugo, who offers him the chance of some voiceover work Charles is doubly happy; some money and a chance to get out of the house.But when Charles finds Hugo's wife dead in their swimming pool he becomes determined to prove Hugo innocent of her murder. Maybe some of the members of Ginny's Amateur Dramatic group will be able to help Charles uncover the truth.

30 minutes


Why we love Bill Nighy

Why we love Bill Nighy

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