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Mind mindedness; communicating risk; dyslexia

New research shows how reading a baby's mind aids its development. Plus, how a 20-year-old poem written by a dyslexic boy inspired an art/science collaboration.

New research shows that reading a baby's mind aids its development. Claudia Hammond reports on a new technique which helps mothers connect with their infants. Known as mind mindedness this method cuts across social groups and is being used successfully to help women with serious mental illness bond with their babies.

And should people with mental illness be told the long term effects of their drugs? One listener thinks this is a message that should be handled with care. Plus, how a poem written twenty years ago by a twelve year old dyslexic boy has inspired a new art science collaboration.

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28 minutes


  • Mind Mindedness

    Claudia discovers a method which helps women with mental illness bond with their babies

    Duration: 09:25

  • Communicating risks linked to Anti-psychotic drugs

    How should the long term risks of anti-psychotic drugs be communicated?

    Duration: 07:20

  • Lexicon

    A sonic art work inspired by a 12 year old’s poem about being dyslexic

    Duration: 06:43


  • Tue 18 Dec 2012 21:00
  • Wed 19 Dec 2012 15:30

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