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Heather Headley; Seven Deadly Sins

Heather Headley star of The Bodyguard musical. How are the Seven Deadly Sins viewed today? We discuss with author, Alex Clark.
Presenter Jenni Murray
Producer Kirsty Starkey.

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58 minutes


  • Pro-Ana Websites

    Dr Emma Bond of Suffolk University, and a woman who worked for an eating disorders website

    Duration: 08:37

  • Heather Headley

    Heather Headley on performing in the new stage production of The Bodyguard

    Duration: 08:45

  • The Seven Deadly Sins

    Alex Clark, who commissioned The Seven Deadly Sins, and Philosophy Professor Angie Hobbs

    Duration: 07:23

  • Power List: Expert Witness – Comedy

    Dawn O’Porter asks writer, comic & Funny Women finalist Viv Groskop about women in comedy

    Duration: 07:45

  • Fran Abrams – Songs Of Innocence

    Journalist and author Fran Abrams on childhood from Victorian times to the present day

    Duration: 08:22

Pro-Ana Websites

Pro-anorexia websites seem to be on the rise. On social networks and on web blogs there are more and more communities promoting anorexia as a lifestyle choice. Now new research says they could be a bigger risk than had been thought. So how do we help the young people who use them? Dr Emma Bond, a researcher, author, and lecturer at University Campus Suffolk, tells Jenni how parents can play a key role. Plus a woman who had anorexia and was an administrator for an eating disorders site describes the support that sufferers can find online.

Heather Headley

Grammy and Tony award-winning Heather Headley plays singer Rachel Marron in the new stage production of The Bodyguard - the story from the film made famous by Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. Heather joins Jenni to talk about a role she regards as the “biggest challenge” of her career.

Heather Headley stars in the stage production of The Bodyguard at the Adelphi Theatre in London from 5 December

The Seven Deadly Sins

Perhaps surprisingly, the notion of The Seven Deadly Sins does not appear in the bible. There were six ‘things’ identified in the Book of Proverbs “doth the Lord hate”, but it was Pope Gregory I in AD 590 who compiled the list of sins we recognise today - lust, greed, gluttony, envy, wrath, sloth, and vanity.  So why has the list endured?  Do they still describe the least desirable aspects of humanity?  Are we still measuring ourselves against a 6th Century standard, and is the very notion of sin outdated?  Jenni speaks to Alex Clark, who has commissioned an anthology of work called The Seven Deadly Sins, and to Angie Hobbs, Professor of the Public Understanding of Philosophy at the University of Sheffield.

The Seven Deadly Sins: A Celebration Of Virtue And Vice is published by Union Books

Power List: Expert Witness – Comedy

Woman’s Hour Power List judge Dawn O’Porter is interested in the connection between power and humour. She meets the writer, stand-up comic, and Funny Women 2012 finalist, Viv Groskop, to find out about the powerful women in comedy.

Fran Abrams – Songs Of Innocence

Journalist and author Fran Abrams tells Jenni Murray about the transformation of childhood from Victorian times to the present day. Her book, Songs of Innocence - The Story of British Childhood, examines the influence of war, contraception, television, and crime on the way children are viewed and treated by parents and society. Only one hundred years ago, thin and ragged children went out to work to contribute to the family finances. Now the aspirational hot-housed child of the 21st century is costing parents hundreds of thousands of pounds for music lessons, football coaching, university fees, and more. Fran Abrams joins Jenni to discuss the changes in childhood.

Songs of Innocence – The story of British Childhood by Fran Abrams is published by Atlantic Books


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