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When Bossman Jay Lost His Ears

Radio star Jay Crawford had his career cruelly cut short by tinnitus. In his own words, he tells the story of the tragedy that befell him, his family and his legion of fans.


Radio legend Jay Crawford had his career cruelly cut short due to loss of hearing. He was a genuine legend in Scottish radio circles, in 1974 he was the youngest full time DJ in the UK and by the time his career ended in 2011 he was the boss of one of the country's biggest stations.

At the end of 2010 he agreed to go on holiday to Mauritius, but as he boarded that plane he had no idea what tragedy was about to strike. A blood clot ended up getting to ears leaving him partially deaf with a crippling case of tinnitus. He now can't listen to music, be in a busy room or go to a concert - all his reasons for living have been taken away. This is his story, in his words about the tragedy that befell him, his family and his legion of fans.

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