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Maria Miller MP; Anne McElvoy; Ilene Prusher

Women's minister Maria Miller MP, how some women celebrate their last period, Anne McElvoy on the women shaping public policy, and foreign correspondent Ilene Prusher.

Women's Minister and Culture Secretary, Maria Miller MP. Woman's Hour Power List: Anne McElvoy on the women shaping public policy. How some women celebrate their menopause: retreats, parties, dances? Is it time to inject some light-hearted fun into hot flushes? And foreign correspondent Ilene Prusher tells us about her novel Baghdad Fixer.
Presenter Jane Garvey
Producer Kirsty Starkey.

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  • Maria Miller

    The Minister for Women and Equalities discusses the pay gap and childcare costs.

    Duration: 14:30

  • The Powerlist: Women in Public Policy

    Anne McElvoy on the most powerful women shaping public policy

    Duration: 07:37

  • Celebrating the menopause

    Novel and different ways of marking 'the change'.

    Duration: 09:41

  • Ilene Prusher

    The Middle East correpondent discusses her first novel.

    Duration: 09:22

Maria Miller

Maria Miller became Minister for Women and Equalities, on top of her appointment as Culture Secretary, in September of this year. She joins Jane Garvey in the Woman’s Hour studio to discuss issues that women are currently facing with the continued pay gap, high unemployment and the cost of childcare.

Your last period before menopause: How do you approach, celebrate or mark it?

Some women take part in hot flash mobs, some hold parties, get tattoos, go on retreat or create a piece of art to mark their menopause. Should we celebrate ‘the change’ more than we do, by creating our own rites of passage for it? Or just weather the storm? Jane discusses how to approach the menopause with women who have all come up with novel and different ideas.

Woman's Hour Special on the Menopause and HRT

Power List: Expert witness Anne McElvoy on public policy

Who are the most powerful women when it comes to shaping public policy in areas such as education and health?  Does power in public policy equate with  the ability to bring about change or is it about being a leading thinker?  Jane speaks to Anne McElvoy, Public Policy Editor at The Economist.

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Ilene Prusher

Ilene Prusher has been a foreign correspondent for many years, mainly in the Middle East.  She has now written her first novel, Baghdad Fixer, about the relationship between a female American journalist and her male Iraqi fixer, set during the first few lawless weeks following the collapse of Saddam Hussein’s regime. She talks to Jane about her time in Iraq, the relationship between a fixer and a journalist and what life was like for ordinary Iraqis during the war.


Baghdad Fixer by Ilene Prusher



  • Mon 19 Nov 2012 10:00

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