CPP, roaming costs, charges on income funds, a pre-pay card for kids

The banks have been criticised after the card protection firm CPP received a record fine from the FSA.

CPP was censured by the City watchdog for mis-selling insurance products over six years aimed to protect people against identity theft.

But the majority of policies CPP were sold were in collaboration with the banks when customers phoned to activate their cards.

Paul talks to John Mann MP and Tracey McDermott, director of enforcement at the FSA.

New rules began in July which should mean your mobile bill abroad can never exceed ?50 - about £40.

The rule applies to a contract with any UK based operator wherever you travel in the world. As with the earlier EU wide scheme customers can opt out of this protection.

But we ask if the opting out procedure is confusing after one woman discovered she had inadvertently opted out and got a bill for £2,400 - and it is still not clear what it is for.

Are investment managers hiding the cost of running their funds by taking their charges out of the capital rather than the returns they are making for investors?

Money Box talks to listener and accountant Tim Masters and Richard Saunders, chief executive of Investment Management Association

A new pocket money card for children as young as 8 has been launched. Its founders say it will help children learn to manage money and to use plastic cards for payment.

But its website confirms there can be nine separate charges on the card - including fees for putting money on the card and taking cash from a cash machine.

Paul speaks to Mark Timbrell, founder of PKTMNY which launched the card and Tracey Bleakley, Chief Executive of PFEG, a finance education charity.

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