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From The Sage Gateshead, columnist Julie Bindel gives a talk arguing that sexuality is a choice, as part of the 2012 Free Thinking festival.

Julie Bindel gives a talk arguing that sexuality is a choice at the Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival.

Whether sexuality is genetic or not goes to the heart of the ongoing debate about same-sex marriage. Are gay rights activists right to insist sexuality has biological origins, or is it a lifestyle choice as claimed by some traditionalists?

In a talk titled Not Born This Way, the feminist, lesbian, columnist and writer Julie Bindel challenges liberal thinking by arguing that sexuality is indeed a choice, and that the current scientific quest to identify a gay gene is both pointless and dangerous.

The event is chaired by Night Waves presenter Samira Ahmed and recorded as part of Radio 3's Free Thinking Festival 2012.

The Free Thinking festival of ideas takes place at The Sage Gateshead Friday 2 - Sunday 4 November and is broadcast for three weeks on Radio 3 from Friday 2 November.

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