Orange 'free' offer, income investing and internet shopping

Buyer beware: When Money Box listener Julia wanted a new TV, the best deal was on a website. The firm wouldn't take plastic so she transferred the money direct from her Lloyds account to the firm's account at the same bank. After making the payment she got suspicious, and it turned out, the firm had disappeared. But Lloyds would not refund her money. Paul Lewis hears how paying by bank transfer is the least secure way to shop online. Sarah Pennells of outlines the best ways to pay for goods online.

Free broadband deal ends early: Orange is writing to customers who signed up for its free broadband offer to tell them that the deal is ending unless they pay for an Orange landline. Money Box asks when a company is within its rights to change the terms of a contract part way through a deal. Many customers insist they were promised free broadband for life by Orange shop assistants - what can they do? Paul Lewis speaks to Guy Anker from and compliance expert Adam Samuel. (For more information about the Communications and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme, visit

Insurance auto-renewal: Last week's item on insurance policies which roll over from year-to-year has caused a big response from listeners. One firm now admits that you cannot opt out of auto-renewal at the start of the contract. Instead you have to wait until a few weeks before the cover ends and then opt out. We find out how best to overcome the insurers' desire to hang on to you.

Investing for income: The FTSE 100 index is stuck in the doldrums but there are many shares that produce a good income. If you have money to invest is it worth going for dividends? Paul Lewis discusses the topic with Jason Hollands of Bestinvest.

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The Death of Retirement

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