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Kate Silverton on how our fear of failure impacts on the choices we make.

Kate Silverton talks to businesswoman Kate Hardcastle on how her experience of bullying at school impacted on her life choices and made her initially afraid to take a risk.

In this One to One we explore how our experience at school can leave kids afraid to take risks as they fear failure. Kate Silverton desperately wanted to be a journalist from the age of 12. In her teens she travelled extensively - hitch-hiking across Israel and visiting the Palestinian territories in an attempt to better understand the conflict there, she stayed in a Bedouin in the desert and at nineteen went to Zimbabwe for four months armed with just a dictaphone to capture the stories of the people she met along the way. Despite her natural curiosity about the world and her desire to report stories of people living in conflict she didn't follow her heart because she feared she might fail. As the first in her family to go to university much depended on her and her career choice and she opted to enter the City as a Corporate Financier - a demanding job but one that diverted from her doing the one thing she wanted to do - because she feared she might not be good enough. It took the death of her best friend to convince her to change her mind. In this second and final series on 'failure' businesswoman Kate Hardcastle examines how her experience at school impacted on her life choices.
The producer is Perminder Khatkar.

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