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Alison Balsom; The End of Men and the Rise of Women

Alison Balsom, the award-winning trumpeter, talks about her new album The End of Men, plus Hanna Rosin on her book and the impact of the recession on vulnerable children.

Alison Balsom, the award-winning trumpeter talks about her new album. The End of Men and the Rise of Women - Hanna Rosin and John Harris discuss "plastic woman" and "cardboard man". The effect of the recession on vulnerable children - and the future of family policies - we talk to social policy analyst Clem Henricson and Polly Neate from Action for Children. The Pope recently declared Saint Hildegard of Bingen a 'doctor of the Church', meaning someone who is a great teacher - what impact might this have on women in the Catholic Church?
Presented by Jane Garvey
Produced by Lucinda Montefiore.

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58 minutes


  • The End of Men?

    Are men losing their dominance in society as more women enter the workplace?

    Duration: 11:35

  • Trumpeter Alison Balsom talks to Jane about her music

    Alison Balsom fell in love with the trumpet at 7 and by 10 knew she wanted to be a soloist

    Duration: 07:09

  • Support for vulnerable children

    There are serious flaws in the funding of children’s services according to a new report

    Duration: 09:04

  • The future of government family policy

    Is it possible to change an unequal society by intervening in family relationships?

    Duration: 06:14

  • Saint Hildegard of Bingen

    Why the 12th-century German abbess has been declared a ‘doctor of the Church’ by the Pope

    Duration: 07:00


  • Mon 15 Oct 2012 10:00

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