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Episode 4

The life-juggling Manchester DJ also has to cope with a game of golf. Stars Justin Moorhouse and Anne Reid. From September 2012.

Written by Justin Moorhouse and Jim Poyser.

Justin's still living with his father-in-law, still working with his ex-wife and still calling on his Gran for her words of wisdom. This week he also has to cope with a game of golf.

In one version of his life, Justin is a loveable celebrity who is successful, funny, and stopped in the street by adoring fans. He's the man who has everything.

In the more realistic version he's a DJ in a slightly shabby local radio station who gets hassled by the occasional oddball on the street. And he's the man who hopes for everything.

And at home? Well, it's chaotic. His wife has left him, taking custody of his 8-year-old son Justin jnr. So he's back on the market. So he's currently living in his father-in-law's spare room in Bury. The only person who understands him is his Gran, living in luxury in an old folk's home in Warrington. Oh, and his producer Bryn but this might not be such a good thing.

Everyone Quite Likes Justin is written by Justin Moorhouse and Jim Poyser. Justin is a comedian who sells out gigs across the country. He has also written plays, a previous show for Radio 4 and the first series of Everyone Quite Likes Justin. Jim Poyser is a writer and producer of enormous experience in both radio and television.

Recorded in front of an audience in Manchester.

Justin ..... Justin Moorhouse
Gran ..... Anne Reid
Lisa ..... Christine Bottomley
Bryn ..... Lloyd Langford
Ray ..... Paul Copley
Tanya ..... Victoria Elliott
Charlie ..... Mark Chatterton
Barbara ..... Kathryn Hunt

Producer: Steven Canny

First broadcast on Radio 4 in 2012.

25 minutes