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The Woman in Black

Episode 2 of 3

Steve Punt looks into the 1928 Charfield rail crash, with the mystery of its two unknown victims, and the unidentified woman in black who visited the memorial for 25 years.

Steve Punt turns private investigator, investigating bizarre rumours surrounding the 1928 Charfield rail crash.

2. The Woman in Black. For 25 years following the 1928 Charfield rail crash in Gloucestershire, a woman in black laid flowers at the memorial to the accident. Arriving in a chauffeur driven car, she never revealed her identity but locals have assumed she was in some way related to two young unknown victims of the accident.

The means of this rich woman's arrival has led to feverish speculation - most notably that the was a member of royalty and the children were illegitimate offspring. Add to that questions over the cause of the crash and you have a field day for conspiracy theorists.

Punt sets to work sorting fact from fiction, calling in the experts and cross-examining locals. He gets to grips to with the cause of the crash and gets tantalisingly close to the the possible identity of the woman in black and the two unknown victims.

Producer: Laurence Grissell.

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