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Stuart's featured album is a 1969 release by sisters Wendy and Bonnie Flower.

This week's featured album is by sisters Wendy and Bonnie Flower.

Flower by name and by nature, the sisters began recording their own ethereal sounds after performing in a psychedelic group called Crystal Fountain. In 1969, aged just 17 and 13 years old respectively, Wendy and Bonnie released Genesis - the first, and last, album they recorded together.

Now seen as a cult classic, and in high demand due to its limited copies, Genesis has found fans in Stereolab, Jarvis Cocker and Andy Votel. The Super Furry Animals also opened their 2003 album, Phantom Power with the Flower sisters' track, By The Sea.

The sisters both went on to pursue musical careers, but never recorded together again. In 2007, Wendy Flower told BBC Manchester: "It means so much to me when people tell me how much this music Bonnie and I created so long ago means to them today. It never ceases to surprise me.".

2 hours

Music Played

  • The Peddlers

    On A Clear Day

    • Three On A Cell.
    • CBS.
  • Woodpecker Wooliams


    • The Bird School Of Being Human.
    • Robot Elephant Records.
  • Wendy & Bonnie

    The Winter Is Cold

    • Genesis.
    • Skye Records.
  • Wendy & Bonnie

    The Paisley Window Pane

    • Skye Records.
  • Suck Susan

    Blood Smear

    • No Head In the Helmet.
    • Daddy Tank Records.
  • Hummin Human

    Au Lac Roque

    • Rotherham Retousled.
  • Burial

    Street Halo

    • Street Halo.
    • Hyperdub.
  • John Gregory & His Orchestra


    • TV Sound And Image.
    • Soul Jazz Records.
  • Wendy & Bonnie

    By The Sea

    • Genesis.
    • Skye Records.
  • Wendy & Bonnie

    Cover Our Child

    • Genesis.
    • Skye Records.
  • trioVD

    Fill It Up With Ghosts

    • Fill It Up With Ghosts.
    • Babel Label.
  • Matching Mole

    Immediate Curtain

    • Matching Mole.
    • CBS.
  • Alexander Tucker

    Phantom Rings

    • Old Fog.
    • ATP Recordings.
  • Dr. Strangely Strange

    Horse Of A Different Hue

    • Halycon Days.
    • Hux Records.
  • Cosa Brava

    Lucky Thirteen

    • Ragged Atlas.
    • Intakt Records.
  • Old Man Gloom

    The Forking Path

    • No.
    • Hydra Head Records.
  • Howard Skempton

    In Tandem

    • Noszferatu: Drempel.
    • NMC Recordings Ltd.
  • Richard Schneider

    Hello Beach Girls

    • Dreamlike Land.
    • Harvest.
  • H.P. Lovecraft

    The Drifter

    • Dreams In The Witch House (The Complete Philips Recordings).
    • Philips.
  • Ihsahn

    Misanthrope (Recorded Live For The Radio 1 Rock Show)

  • Wendy & Bonnie

    Story Of A Conventional Man

    • Genesis.
    • Skye Records.
  • Augustus Pablo

    East Of The River Nile

    • East Of the River Nile.
    • Message.
  • Autechre

    Acroyear II

    • LP5.
    • Warp Records.