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Amazon Flooded Forests

Nature series. In the flooded forest in the heart of the Amazon, Dr George McGavin and the team discover species new to science in a giant cave system.

Natural history series revealing a totally new perspective on wildlife at night. Now the expedition travels south to a flooded forest in the heart of the Amazon. Large mammal expert Bryson Voirin encounters a curious sloth whilst camerawoman Sophie Darlington spends stormy nights precariously perched high in the jungle canopy, attempting to film the only nocturnal monkey in the world. Further south, Gordon Buchanan heads to the largest wetland on earth in search of giant anteaters and enters a strange deserted house that's been taken over by vampire bats. And Dr George McGavin abseils deep into the perpetual darkness of a giant cave system - cut off from the light for millions of years. Deep inside, he and the team discover species new to science.

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    Faith - The Van Helsing Chronicles

    Kapitel 12: Ketten Jack

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    Janet Jackson

    Back Interlude

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    My Prayer


Role Contributor
Presenter George McGavin
Presenter Gordon Buchanan
Camera Operator Sophie Darlington
Expert Bryson Voirin
Producer Will Ridgeon
Series Producer Jonny Keeling
Executive Producer Tim Martin


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