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Kate Adie introduces correspondents' despatches from Africa, Asia, the Americas, the Arabian peninsula and Europe.

Could Mogadishu be about to lose its title as the world's most dangerous city? Mary Harper says soon there'll be a new parliament and a new president in the Somali capital and there's hope the days of war, drought and famine could come to an end.

The authorities in Yemen helped by the US have been taking the battle to al-Qaeda but Natalia Antelava, in the capital Sana'a, says some believe hearts and minds are being lost in the process.

Three years ago the north-eastern tip of Sri Lanka was the scene of the Tamil Tigers' last big battle against the Sri Lankan army. Charles Haviland's been allowed to visit the area which he says remains scarred by that bitter fighting.

Henry Nicholls, who's been in the Galapagos Islands out in the Pacific Ocean, says people there are finding it hard to pick themselves up after the death of their most famous resident, the giant tortoise, Lonesome George.

The annual Bayreuth Festival has been taking place in the south of Germany and Stephen Evans has been learning about its history, its catering and why it just can't seem to go ahead without a row about the Nazis!

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  • Introduction

    Duration: 00:28

  • Forbidden corner

    In Somalia, Mary Harper finds a tranquil space in one of the world's most troubled cities, Mogadishu.

    Duration: 05:55

  • Battle for hearts and minds

    Natalia Antelava hears how US influence in Yemen may be counter-productive in the fight against al-Qaeda militants.

    Duration: 05:13

  • Scars of war

    Three years after the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka, Charles Haviland finds life there is still affected by the conflict.

    Duration: 05:10

  • Life after George

    Henry Nicholls says the death of their celebrity giant tortoise Lonesome George has cast a shadow over the Galapagos Islands.

    Duration: 05:15

  • Sublime storm

    Stephen Evans reports that Germany's annual festival celebrating the music of Wagner is continuing its tradition of courting controversy.

    Duration: 05:57

Somalia's graveyard of grand buildings

Somalia's graveyard of grand buildings
Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, has been referred to as "the most dangerous capital city on earth", but as a degree of stability returns to the area, places of peace can be found among the physical destruction, says Mary Harper. Read more...

Tortoise death casts Galapagos shadow

Tortoise death casts Galapagos shadow
The recent death of the giant tortoise Lonesome George, the most famous resident of the Galapagos Islands, has worried the tourist industry according to Henry Nicholls. Read more...

A very Wagnerian controversy

A very Wagnerian controversy
Germany's Bayreuth festival celebrating Wagner's music has been marked by authentic music and authentic controversy. Read more...


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