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Rebecca Front interviews Chris Addison

Episode 2 of 6

The comedy actress and her Thick Of It co-star in the talk tag show where the guest is the next interviewer. From August 2012.

Rebecca Front talks to her Thick Of It co-star and fellow Nude-a-phobe, comedian Chris Addison about working with Armando Iannucci and embracing his middle-classness through stand-up

Producer ..... Carl Cooper

"In an unclothed state I look like a child has done a collage with some Twiglets".
Chris Addison

Other episodes in the chain include:

Rebecca Front being interviewed by the man who knows her best, her big brother, Jeremy Front.

Chris Addison in a rare interview with the actually-really-nice-and-he-doesn't-do-any-of-that-weird-stuff-in-real-life, Derren Brown;

Derren Brown chatting hair, beliefs and Tim Minchin with comedy musical megastar and fellow sceptic Tim Minchin;

A poorly Tim Minchin being handed tissues whilst attempting to interview with no questions a not-at-all-poorly and hilarious Caitlin Moran.

Caitlin Moran getting to spend time and talk shoes, Bananarama and women with her comedy hero Jennifer Saunders.


Jennifer Saunders turning up a week later to find the series has ended. Probably. We weren't there because the series had ended.

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Featured in the Comedy of the Week Podcast

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