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A mobile phone designed by blind people for blind people

Georgie is a new phone application for Android phones, designed by blind couple Roger and Margaret Wilson-Hinds, to help other blind people better access mobile phones.

Peter White talks to Margaret Wilson-Hinds, who with her husband Roger, has designed a new phone application called Georgie. The app enables blind people to navigate their way around, let others know their location and other tasks, using voice-based assistance. Dr Mike Townsend from the British Computer Association of the Blind reviews Georgie. He also talks about a similar product by Synaptec.

And Tony Shearman joins a group of visually-impaired visitors for a guided tour of London's Chelsea Physic Gardens, housing the world's largest collection of medicinal flowers.

Presented by Peter White
Produced by Cheryl Gabriel.

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  • Tue 31 Jul 2012 20:40

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