Natasha Breed on how the population of Kenya's expanding fast, urban areas are eating up the countryside. And it's proving disastrous and sometimes fatal for the country's wildlife.

A weird fungus which grows out of the heads of caterpillars is being harvested in parts of the Himalayas. Craig Jeffrey, who's been investigating, says it's proving a valuable cash crop for some of the mountain villagers.

Latvia has the fastest-growing economy in Europe. Damien McGuinness has been to the capital Riga to see how they've made austerity cool.

The Nigerian president's been speaking of the importance of family planning. The BBC's Jane Dreaper's been to a part of his country where having seven children is far from unusual.

And Anna Horsbrugh Porter is one of the BBC World Service staff who're leaving their headquarters in London, Bush House in the Strand. She's been talking to colleagues about a much-loved broadcasting institution.

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The radioactive trees of Chernobyl

The radioactive trees of Chernobyl
The Ukrainian city is slowly getting back to normal as it recovers from the 1986 nuclear disaster that left the surrounding land contaminated. Patrick Evans reports. Read more...

The 'Viagra' transforming local economies in India

The 'Viagra' transforming local economies in India
A substance some are calling Indian Viagra is proving to be a valuable cash crop, as Craig Jeffrey finds out. Read more...

Kenyans and lions vie for land

Kenyans and lions vie for land
As Kenya's population has grown, urban areas are consuming more and more countryside, and humans and wildlife increasingly vie for the same land. Read more...

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