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Eurogeddon II

Disintegration or super-state? As the crisis deepens in the eurozone, Chris Bowlby imagines the EU's future. What will happen to borders, cash movements and political power?

As the crisis in the Eurozone continues, Chris Bowlby examines what might eventually emerge and what that could mean for us.

When Analysis looked at the possibility of a Greek exit from the Euro back in February, the topic was regarded as "thinking the unthinkable". Not so now.

In this programme Chris Bowlby looks forward and asks if the Eurozone is headed for disintegration or, conversely, even closer political and economic union. What do either of those scenarios mean in practice and can the Eurozone survive? What are the implications for borders, cash movements and who controls the levers of power?

Interviewees include: Lord Peter Mandelson, David Marsh, Ulrike Guerot, Dani Rodrik, Paul Donovan, Brian Lucey and Aristotle Kallis.

Producer: John Murphy.

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Sun 1 Jul 2012 21:30


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