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Sex and disability; rights for parents of stillborn children; new lesbian writers; Elizabeth Walker, teaching the Alexander Technique at 97 years old. Presented by Jane Garvey.

Sex and disability - new film The Scarlet Road explores the issues of severely disabled people seeking an active sex life. Should stillborn children be issued with birth certificates? What can be done to help parents with the grieving process? The new generation of lesbian writers. Elizabeth Walker, still teaching the Alexander Technique at 97 years old. Presented by Jane Garvey.

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  • Stillbirth certificates

    The Conservative MP Chris Heaton-Harris is campaigning for stillborn babies to be given birth and death certificates if their parents would like one.

    Duration: 11:04

  • The Alexander Technique

    The Alexander technique is a physical therapy developed in the 1890’s by Frederick Alexander. Elisabeth Walker was one of his students and, at 97, is the only living person who trained with Alexander.

    Duration: 07:18

  • Scarlet Road

    Rachel Wotton is an Australian sex worker, whose clients include people with disabilities. She is the subject of a documentary 'Scarlet Road' which is screened at the Sheffield Documentary Festival.

    Duration: 12:41

  • Leaving children behind - Feedback

    David Cameron accidentally left his daughter behind in a pub after Sunday lunch. You tell us about your experiences.

    Duration: 03:09

  • Lesbian writers

    A recent survey by Mslexia concluded that very few new lesbian novels are being published. Is this because agents and editors are prejudiced against the lesbian novel?

    Duration: 06:57


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