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Strauss - Die Frau ohne Schatten

John Shea presents a performance of Acts 1 and 2 of Strauss's Die Frau ohne Schatten, with the Vienna Philharmonic conducted by Christian Thielemann.

Richard Strauss
Opera matinee: Strauss Die Frau ohne Schatten Acts 1 and 2 in this Salzburg Festival performance with the Vienna Philharmonic conducted by Christian Thielemann
John Shea presents this week's celebration of some of the best of Austrian music making
In the mythical land of the Southeastern Islands the Emperor captures a gazelle who assumes human form and marries him. But, in a symbol of her inability to have children, she has no shadow. It is decreed that unless the Empress gains a shadow before the end of the twelfth moon, she will be reclaimed by her father and the Emperor will turn to stone.
Strauss and Hofmannsthal's opera, with its involved plot, heightened use of symbolism and generous passages of monologue has recently been enjoying the acclaim which many have felt it deserves. Calling for a large cast and orchestra and for frequent scene changes, it is difficult to stage in the theatre. but here receives a warmly received performance at the Salzburg Festival.

Die Frau ohne Schatten (Acts 1 and 2)

The Emperor (Der Kaiser) Stephen Gould (tenor),
The Empress (Die Kaiserin), Keikobad's daughter Anne Schwanewilms (soprano),
The Nurse (Die Amme), her guardian Michaela Schuster (mezzo),
Barak, the Dyer (Barak, der Färber) Wolfgang Koch (baritone),
The Dyer's Wife (Die Färberin) Evelyn Herlitzius (soprano),
The One-eyed Man (Der Einäugige), Barak's brother Markus Brück (high bass),
The One-Armed Man (Der Einarmige), Barak's brother Steven Humes (bass),
The Hunchback (Der Bucklige), Barak's brother Andreas Conrad (tenor),
The Messenger of Keikobad Thomas Johannes Mayer (high baritone),
Rachel Frenkel, The Voice of the Falcon
Peter Sonn, The Apparition of a Youth
Christina Landshamer, A Guardian of the Threshold of the Temple
Maria Radner, A Voice from Above
Christina Landshamer, First Servant
Lenneke Ruiten, Second Servant
Martina Mikelic, Third Servant
Hanna Herfurtner, Solo Voices / Voices of Unborn Children
Christina Landshamer, Solo Voices / Voices of Unborn Children
Lenneke Ruiten, Solo Voices / Voices of Unborn Children
Rachel Frenkel, Solo Voices / Voices of Unborn Children
Martina Mikelic, Solo Voices / Voices of Unborn Children
Maria Radner, Solo Voices / Voices of Unborn Children

Vienna State Opera Chorus Concert Association
Members of Angelika Prokopp Sommerakademie der Wiener Philharmoniker, Stage Music
Christa Schönfeldinger, Glass Harmonica
Salzburg Festival Children's Chorus
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Christian Thielemann (conductor)

(Continued tomorrow afternoon).

2 hours, 30 minutes