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Winifred Robinson explores how some dentists are working without proper insurance or scarpering abroad when things go wrong - how are they getting away with?

And recording the conversation we all dread - a diagnosis of cancer. We'll be hearing from some people in Scotland doing just that.

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  • Dentist Indemnity

    A group of lawyers (Bridge the Gap) are campaigning for it to be compulsory for dentists to be insured.

    Duration: 09:09

  • Food Health Claims

    Rules from the European Commission mean that food manufacturers have to comply with 'permitted' claims for food.

    Duration: 03:17

  • DAB Radio

    Figures out today show that there is a slight drop in people listening to Digital Audio Broadcasting. Is the industry target of a switchover by 2015 just too optimistic?

    Duration: 08:04

  • Sweden Train Fares

    A pressure group in Sweden is advocating that people do not pay their train fares as a stand against high prices. The organisation has just published a manifesto with a grant from taxpayers money.

    Duration: 06:50

  • Cancer Recording

    In Edinburgh men who have prostate cancer are being offered the chance to take home a CD recording of the doctor explaining their diagnosis.

    Duration: 09:01

  • Rural Broadband

    A community in Lancashire who have no broadband has decided to lay its own cables to connect 2000 homes and businesses.

    Duration: 05:31

  • Building Certification

    Regulations mean that building work has to meet set standards. There are different ways to certify your building work.

    Duration: 08:14


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