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Madagascar to the Seychelles

Simon Reeve travels around the edge of the Indian Ocean. On the second leg of his journey, Simon visits Madagascar, Mauritius and the Seychelles.

Simon Reeve visits the tropical Indian Ocean islands of Madagascar, Mauritius and the Seychelles on the second leg of his journey.

Amid the paradise of coral reefs and jungles full of spectacular wildlife, Simon witnesses some of the threats to the ocean. Off the coast of Madagascar, he goes spear fishing with the Vezo people, whose lifestyle is at risk from their own population growth, and in Mauritius he sees the vast industrial tuna trawlers unloading their catch. In the Seychelles, Simon meets an eccentric Englishman who is fighting back by turning his private paradise island into the world's smallest national park - largely populated by giant tortoises who start their life in his bedroom.

But there is no escaping the problems of the world even here, and Simon joins Dutch special forces training to board ships on the high seas controlled by pirates.

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59 minutes


Role Contributor
Presenter Simon Reeve
Executive Producer Sam Bagnall
Producer Dominic Ozanne
Director Dominic Ozanne


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