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  • BA Fine

    British Airways have accepted a £58 million fine after a long running investigation into fuel surcharges six years ago.

    Duration: 04:11

  • Metal Thefts

    BT are rolling out an early warning system designed to catch thieves attempting to strip metal from their cable networks.

    Duration: 05:02

  • University Technical Colleges

    A new generation of technical colleges specialising in providing vocational training for 14 to 19 year olds is set for expansion.

    Duration: 12:00

  • Flags

    A council is reviewing its flag flying policy; what is a flag flying policy and why do they need one?

    Duration: 05:16

  • Valpolicella

    A hostel for mentally ill people in the famous wine producing region of Valpolicella in Italy is doubling up as a hotel for mainstream tourists.

    Duration: 11:06

  • Council Tax Scam

    Beware of companies phoning up and offering to claim back council tax because your home has been incorrectly banded - it could be a scam and the council will do it for free.

    Duration: 04:41

  • Charities

    A guide to giving will help you spot the best run charities. "It Ain't What You Give It's The Way That You Give It" by Caroline Fiennes advises businesses and philanthropists on donating.

    Duration: 05:14

  • Homeserve

    Homeserve, the insurance and repairs company, has been fined £750,000 for making an excessive number of silent and abandoned calls.

    Duration: 03:45


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How do I avoid being ripped off by a scam?

How do I avoid being ripped off by a scam?

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