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Episode 2

Prison, My Family and Me Episode 2 of 2

The second of two documentaries which give a glimpse into the lives of four unique characters who have all had their family life dramatically affected by crime. Filmed over 18 months, it follows their lives as they grapple with the challenges that come with loving someone who has been convicted of crime.

23-year-old Anne-Marie is hopeful that her fiance Victor will be released from prison any day soon. He is serving time for ABH and burglary and she spends every waking minute dreaming of the time they will finally be together. The young couple got together after he went to prison and they have since announced their engagment, despite having never kissed. Trying to plan for his release and their future, Anne-Marie is bonding with the soon-to-be in-laws and trying to reassure her anxious family that she is going to be marrying the right man when he finally comes out.

Nineteen-year-old Dean lives in north London but has never had a proper home. His mum died when he was seven and his father was always in and out of prison. He grew up with a host of different relatives and a non-existent relationship with his dad, and he remains furious at his dad for his criminal past. Now a talented musician he blames his father for his lack of direction at school and failure to succeed in his career. Now his serial offending dad has reformed and is running his own charity, we examine the long-term effects of a criminal lifestyle and see if father and son can ever make up for lost time.

The Gibsons are a middle-class family from Suffolk and their father Graham has been in prison for six months. He has been sent down for eight years for his part in a £52 million pension scheme fraud, but the family all believe he is innocent. The Christian family are struggling to cope and eldest daugher Becky and her brother Matt are having to manage the family home. Forced to give up their own businesses, they go out to work to try and stop the family home being repossesed. All the family muck in as they desperately sell their possesions, including their new-born puppies, to help and support their distraught mother.

Sixteen-year-old Cheyenne's mum is soon to be released from prison after serving part of a two-year sentance for smuggling drugs into prison. She can't wait to see her mum and after a visit to the prison the countdown really begins.

We follow the lives of these remarkable young people as they face the challenges of having a loved-one on the wrong side of the law. Will Anne-Marie finally get to see her man outside prison? Will Dean get the apology he so desperately wants from his father? Can the Gibsons keep the baliffs from the door? And how do Cheyenne and her mum get on now they are finally reunited?

These intertwined stories will show the courage and determination of young people to overcome adversity and shape their own lives.

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