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Alfie fights back after becoming embroiled in another of Derek's deals - but has he the courage to see his plan through? Kim's attempts to impress Ray have disastrous consequences.

Derek and Alfie plan to steal £12,000 worth of booze from the drayman’s van. Billy’s baffled why Alfie’s agreed to be Derek’s dogsbody. Later, Alfie convinces Derek to accompany him as Billy’s pulled out. Waiting for the drayman, Derek’s antsy and they’re about to leave when Trevor the drayman arrives, informing them he had the van full of booze stolen at gun point. Enraged, Derek’s convinced Phil Mitchell’s behind it. Later, in an alleyway, a triumphant Alfie congratulates Billy and Trevor and tells them Derek bought it – Alfie’s no-one’s dogsbody.
Kim’s tarted up in a revealing dress for work, only to discover she’s been drafted into the kitchen filleting fish for Good Friday. Kim’s jealous to overhear Ray flirt with Bianca and hacks at the fish, slicing off Ray’s finger. Waiting in hospital, Kim and Ray discuss why they flirt. Ray thinks Kim’s dress makes her look cheap, but promises Kim he’s not playing her. They kiss tenderly.
Bianca tries to increase a loan for a new TV but discovers she has to pay off her current loan first. Bianca brings home free un-labelled food tins, but they contain dog food and custard. Tiffany and Morgan plead dinner from Ray. Embarrassed, Bianca asks Ray for football boots for Morgan who’s made the school team. Tiffany’s jealous. Bianca takes out another short term loan.
A grieving Dot can’t face church, prayer, or telling Jim about Heather’s death. She snaps at Ian, then Denise, but lets in Reverend Stevens. He washes her feet for Maundy Thursday as she breaks down, sobbing.
Ian feels old and unfulfilled. Mandy suggests he take an herbal erection remedy, warning Ian she needs excitement. Lucy and Ian discuss Jane and the café. Struck, Ian’s certain if he buys the café it’ll bring the excitement he needs.

30 minutes

Last on

Thu 5 Apr 2012 22:00



Role Contributor
Alfie Moon Shane Richie
Billy Mitchell Perry Fenwick
Derek Branning Jamie Foreman
Dot Branning June Brown
Ian Beale Adam Woodyatt
Mandy Salter Nicola Stapleton
Lucy Beale Hetti Bywater
Denise Fox Diane Parish
Kim Fox Tameka Empson
Ray Dixon Chucky Venn
Roxy Mitchell Rita Simons
Bianca Butcher Patsy Palmer
Carol Jackson Lindsey Coulson
Tiffany Butcher Maisie Smith
Morgan Butcher Devon Higgs
Reverend Stevens Michael Keating
Trevor Mick Bartlett
Executive Producer Bryan Kirkwood
Director Ian White
Writer Daran Little


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