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They only come out at night

Episode 2 of 4

Jarvis Cocker prowls the nation's night. In the company of poets, poker dens, punks and an alcohol fuelled badger-watch, he encounters creatures of the night.

Continuing his new series of nocturnal meditations, Jarvis Cocker prowls the nation's night.

This evening's theme is 'they only come out at night'. Jarvis slips between the shadows to find punks, poets, poker dens and an alcohol fuelled badger watch and eavesdrops on a series of nocturnal dreams and dramas.

His guide to the dark is poet, author and explorer of the night Al Alvarez. In this trip through the night Al points him towards a gambling club where players never see daylight and nerves begin to fray around the card table; to a feminist punk gig where other more exotic identities emerge under cover of darkness; and to an allotment in Hastings where a man's mind unwinds whilst drinking beer, feeling 'the wild' and entertaining notions of sabotage.

Jarvis is our roving eye and ear entering these nocturnal worlds to shine a light whilst contemplating what it is that we search for once night falls.

Producer: Neil McCarthy

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28 minutes


  • Thu 12 Apr 2012 23:00
  • Sat 10 May 2014 22:30
  • Wednesday 23:30

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