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Episode 2 of 6

Harvey Easter's cat Lucky is missing. Could the book-burning neighbour be involved? Stars Mark Benton. From April 2012.

In this week's episode, Harvey's cat Lucky has gone missing, but does her disappearance have anything to do with the book-burning neighbour (played by Simon Day)? Robbie develops a crush on an older woman and Jax rekindles her relationship with the builder Rakesh.

Harvey Easter (played by Mark Benton), 46, is the eternal optimist. He is able to see the good in every situation, the silver lining within every cloud, the bright side to every bit of bad news.

This, however, is his downfall. Someone for whom the glass is always half-full can be difficult to live with, as his wife of 19 years, Jacqui (played by Claire Skinner), knows all too well. Even as life deals Harvey and the Easter family a series of sadistic blows, Harvey looks on the positive side. It's pathological with him. The way Jax sees it, instead of dealing with the problems of their marriage and their teenage kids, Harvey's optimism is actually his way of avoiding engagement with the big issues.

Mr Blue Sky is about one man battling to remain positive in moments of crisis, and one woman battling to live with someone who has his head in the clouds.

Harvey Easter ..... Mark Benton
Jacqui Easter ..... Claire Skinner
Charlie Easter ..... Rosamund Hanson
Robbie Easter ..... Tyger Drew Honey
Kill-R ..... Javone Prince
Rakesh Rathi ..... Navin Chowdhry
Dr Ray Marsh ..... Justin Edwards
Mr Leopold ..... Simon Day
Sean Calhoun .... Michael Legge

Written by Andrew Collins
Title Music Arrangement by Jim Bob

Producer/Director: Anna Madley
An Avalon Production for BBC Radio 4.

30 minutes