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Samira Ahmed talks to Konstanty Gebert

Samira Ahmed talks to Konstanty Gebert, one of Poland's best-known and most respected journalists, about his underground work during Poland's communist dictatorship.

The journalist and broadcaster Samira Ahmed explores some missing angles for One to One:

Samira has spent 20 years reporting breaking news at home and abroad from Britain to Los Angeles to Berlin. Born to Hindu and Muslim parents and educated at a Catholic school, Samira married into a Northern Irish family. As a result, she's aware of the way news coverage can make sweeping assumptions about stories and tries to seek out the missing angles behind the headlines.

Programme 2: From Poland to the Arab Spring

Samira meets Konstanty Gebert one of Poland's best-known and most respected journalists. During Poland's Communist dictatorship, he operated underground; laboriously hand-printing documents which were secretly distributed; avoiding the police who would constantly follow his movements. In One to One he recalls those years, and describes what it was like when he and his colleagues were eventually able to join a free press. He makes comparisons with journalists in Arab spring countries, and discusses what they could possibly glean from his experiences.

Producer: Karen Gregor.

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