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Sherwood Rowland, Lawrence Anthony, James Q Wilson, Jack Chippendale, Joe Thompson and Philip Madoc

Matthew Bannister on Nobel winner Sherwood Rowland, conservationist Lawrence Anthony, social scientist James Q Wilson, fiddle player Joe Thompson and boatbuilder Jack Chippendale.

Matthew Bannister on

Sherwood Rowland who won the Nobel prize for showing that chemicals used in aerosols were damaging the ozone layer,

Lawrence Anthony, the conservationist known as the "elephant whisperer" who saved the animals in the Baghdad Zoo after the American invasion of Iraq,

James Q Wilson, the neo con social scientist who put forward the "broken windows" theory of crime - suggesting that focussing on low level disorder could combat more serious offences,

Joe Thompson - the fiddle player who kept alive the musical traditions of the black string bands of the American south,

and Jack Chippendale, the respected wooden boat builder.

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