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Micropubs, holidaying at home and students selling your face for advertising

Lake District hotels say they are seeing a drop in customers because of the Olympics. The former butcher's shop now a micro pub and the students selling their faces.

Lake District hotels say they are seeing a drop in customers because of the Olympics. They have a unique Japanese market because of Beatix Potter, but because these trips begin in London and hotel prices in the capital are going up during the games - the Japanese tourists are staying away.
Are we seeing a growth of the 'micro pub' - small premises selling a small range of real ales and not much else? We feature a former Butcher's shop which is seen as the original pub of it's kind.
A pair of Cambridge graduates have paid off over half their student debts by carrying adverts painted on their faces. Ed Moyse from Poole, and Ross Harper from London were originally charging £1 a day for adverts. Six months later and demand has seen them being able to charge £400 a day, with big corporate names wanting to get on board.
VisitScotland is partnering with Walt Disney for the biggest campaign that the country have ever launched. This global marketing push is to promote Scottish tourism around the international release of Disney's highlands-set animated film, Brave. The £7m marketing tie-up marks the first time Disney has teamed up with a country's tourism board, for launching one its movies. Released in the UK in August, Brave is set in the Scottish highlands. It has been produced by Disney's animation studio, Pixar, who also created Toy Story, Up and Finding Nemo.

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