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War correspondent Orla Guerin; Going without to feed your children; Kathy Lette on living with a child with Asperger's Syndrome; and Asexuality. Presented by Jenni Murray.

War correspondent Orla Guerin on life on the front line; Going without to feed your children - are parents having to deny themselves in order to make sure their children eat properly? The Queen of Chick Lit, Kathy Lette, on living with a child with Asperger's Syndrome and a new support group for asexual people. Presented by Jenni Murray.

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  • Orla Guerin

    Is being a war correspondent more dangerous than ever now? And despite the risks what keeps journalists continuing to cover stories in such life-threatening circumstances?

    Duration: 09:17

  • Teen Pregnancy

    The rate of teenage pregnancy in England and Wales is now at its lowest since 1969. It’s fallen nine per cent since 2009. What’s brought about such a significant drop and how likely is it to continue?

    Duration: 03:13

  • Asexuality

    There is one demographic who feel increasingly marginalised in our more openly sexual society; it is estimated that one per cent of people in this country describe themselves as asexual.

    Duration: 07:58

  • Are parents going hungry to feed their children?

    Jenni hears from one mother who is going without proper meals in order to feed her children and asks whether parents in 21st century Britain are really going hungry so their children can eat.

    Duration: 12:56

  • Kathy Lette

    Kathy's new book, “The Boy Who Fell to Earth” is the story of the relationship between a mother, Lucy, and her son, Merlin, who has Asperger’s. Kathy too has a son with autism.

    Duration: 08:06


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