America: The Right Way

Justin Webb explores what the primaries reveal about the state of the right in the US. Is the Republican party really split? We explore how the party has shifted to the right, and the reasons for it. The role of the Tea party within the conservative movement, and the effect it's having on the primary race. We look at what ideas the American right offers in the post financial crisis world -that might enthuse Americans and perhaps the rest of us too. And ask is the party ready to lead again.

Henry Olsen, Vice President, American Enterprise Institute
Professor Francis Fukuyama, Stanford University
Michael Lind, New America Foundation and Author of "Land of Promise:an Economic History of the United States"
Michael Kibbe, President Freedom Works
Thomas Frank, Author, "Pity the Billionaire"
Jay Cost, Columnist, Weekly Standard.

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Sun 4 Mar 2012 21:30

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