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Mani Djazmi is joined by David Aldwinckle from AFBP and Damon Rose to discuss the issues facing blind people when they relocate to a new area. Lee Kumutat reports on Siri.

Mani Djazmi is joined by David Aldwinckle, Head of Innovation and Projects, Action For Blind People and Damon Rose, Ouch! editor, to look at some of the problems facing blind and visually-impaired people when they decide to relocate to a new area.
How do you find out what's going on that will interest you?
Once you've found out, how do you get there?
What help is available to help you?
Lee Kumutat offers her experience of moving from Australia to London and then talks to Geoff Adams-Spink to test the Siri personal assistant software application for iphone 4S.

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Tue 21 Feb 2012 20:40


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